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City of Kingston Privacy Statement

Personal information collected by Council is used for municipal purposes as specified in the Local Government Act 1989.  The personal information will be held securely and used solely by Council for these purposes and/or directly related purposes. Council may disclose this information to other organisations if required or permitted by legislation. The applicant understands that the personal information provided is for the above purpose and that he or she may apply to Council for access to and/or amendment of the information. Requests for access and/or correction should be made to Council's Privacy Officer.  A full copy of our Privacy Policy may be obtained from the Kingston website: https://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/Contact-Us/Privacy or from one of our Customer Service Centres.

Purpose of this statement

Kingston Libraries maintain that your privacy is important to you and us. Council’s Privacy Policy ensures we have systems in place that manage your personal information in an effective manner pertaining to your privacy. This policy was developed in line with the Information Privacy Act 2000, The Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the National Privacy Principles.

Collection of Personal Information

Kingston Libraries will only collect personal information that is relevant to your memberships. At the time of your application for membership you will be asked to provide personal information including your name, address, phone number and age.  Specific information relating to use of library services may also be collected. 

Members Under 18

Parents or guardians are asked to accept responsibility for the actions of children under 18.

Why is This Information Necessary?

We need to collect this information so Kingston Libraries can plan and co-ordinate the provision of library and information services which meet your needs. Through the collection of your personal information we are able to fully determine your needs and to identify the services and services providers who are able to assist you.

With Whom Do We Share Your Information?

Your personal information will only be used for Council purposes. In accordance with Council policy, personal information can be requested in writing by the Police and law enforcement agencies.

Security and Storage of Your Information

All information you provide to us is stored securely by Kingston Libraries. We hold member information in both electronic and paper forms. Information stored electronically is password accessible by staff at Kingston Libraries, this denies any unauthorised access. It is your responsibility to keep any PIN access to the library catalogue, website or other service secure. Paper records relating to library services to you are not stored or displayed in areas which are publicly accessible. It is library procedure that all records relating to you or your transactions are cleared from terminal screens once the transaction is finished. Our libraries are also secure with a coded alarm system after normal office hours.

Records of Transactions

The library system stores some details of your transactions.  This enables us to resolve any queries relating to past transactions.

Can I have access to my information?

You have a right to seek access to the information, which we hold about you.  You also have the right to ask us to correct information about you which you believe is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

There may be particular exceptions that prevent us from releasing your information.  If this applies to you, you will receive a full explanation.

For further information please refer to Council policy.

Should you require more information please write to the Privacy Officer at:


Corporate Information Manager

Privacy Officer
City of Kingston
Level 1, 1230 Nepean Highway
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Email:  info@kingston.vic.gov.au

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