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Family History Resources

Getting Started

Kingston libraries has a dedicated physical family history collection at our Parkdale Library as well as titles available to borrow at any of our branches. Browse the broad range of resources below to get your started on your Family history journey.

How to Get Started in Family History Research

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Online Databases


A free search engine created by the National Library of Australia. Containing millions of items including images, newspaper articles, music, videos, diaries, websites maps and biographical material, Trove is an unrivalled repository of Australian material. Whether you are tracing your family history, doing professional research, reading for pleasure, teaching or studying, Trove can help.


This online database has international coverage for England, Scotland and Wales, plus USA and Canada.

Find My Past dot com dot au

Search an extensive collection of records from Australasia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.

Find My Past Australia, UK and Ireland have now combined into one convenient database where you can search for all your records in one place.

Kingston Information and Library Service provides free access to a number of Find My Past's historical records. Please note that the Newspaper Records are not included in our subscription.

Useful Genealogy Websites


www.naa.gov.au/ - National Archives of Australia. An Australian depository for Government records it has two databases which are searchable

www.prov.vic.gov.au/ - Public Records Office, Victorian state archives.

http://prov.vic.gov.au/provguide-23 - Public Records Office Digitised Records and Online Indexes.


http://www.australiancemeteries.com/ - Australian Cemeteries.

www.coraweb.com.au - Australian gateway site for tracing your family history.

https://www.genealogysa.org.au/resources.html - Genealogy SA online database search births, deaths, marriages,death notices and Cemeteries Indezx

www.ryersonindex.org/ - Riverson Index to Death Notices and Obituaries in Australian Newspapers.

http://gazette.slv.vic.gov.au/ - Victorian Government Gazette Online Archive 1836-1997.


www.aigs.org.au- Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies. inc.

http://www.gsv.org.au - Genealogical Society of Victoria.


www.cyndislist.com - Index to genealogical resources on the Internet.

www.familysearch.org - Records from Church of the Latter Day Saints.

www.thegazette.co.uk - Access to Gazettes online from London, Endinburgh and Belfast. Using an Archive search you can access articles back to 1665.

www.genuki.org.uk - United Kingdom and Irish records.

http://registers.nli.ie/ - Catholic Parish Records at the National Library of Ireland.

www.oldbaileyonline.org - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London's Central Criminal Court, 1674-1913.

http://project.oldmapsonline.org/collections - Old Maps Online brings together a large collection of historic digital maps from around the world.

http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ - Rootsweb hosts Mailing Lists, Message Boards and Family Trees.

www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk - Scottish birth, marriage and death records. This is a paid website but is full access to over 37 million index entries.

http://www.scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/ Scotlandsplaces allows you to search 3 databases for historical information about Scottish places. Records include Ordnance Survey Name books, Taxes including Poll, Cart, Dog, Farm Horse, and Land tax.     


http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/search-discover/family-history-tools-resources - Family History Tools and Resources at the State Library of Victoria.

http://www.nla.gov.au/our-services/family-history - Family History at the National Library of Australia.


www.awm.gov.au/ - Australian War Memorial has searchable databases for nominal, commenorative and honour roll, honours and awards, Australian Army War Diaries, wounded, missing and Prisoner of War files.

www.cwgc.org - Commonwealth war graves commission.

www.koreanroll.gov.au/ - Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War Website.

www.vietnamroll.gov.au - Nominal Roll of Vietnam lists 61,000 men and women who served in Vietnam or nearby waters from 23 May 1962 and 29 April 1975.

www.ww2roll.gov.au/ - World War Two Nominal Roll. You can search for service records details of anyone who served in Australia's Defence Forces during World War Two.


http://tiny.cc/Ire-Aust-Transport - Ireland-Australia transportation database: To mark the Australian Bicentenary in 1988 the Irish Government developed a database of register entries for all convicts transported from Ireland to Australia covering the period 1788 to 1868.

http://firstfleet.uow.edu.au/ - First Fleet online: First Fleet Online is a website hosted by the University of Woolongong, and includes information about the 780 convicts who were transported to Australia in 1787, (the "First fleet"). It does not include information on the soldiers, sailors or administrative staff that accompanied them, not does it cover subsequent transportations. It does provide a useful database which can be searched for information about the convicts.

http://tiny.cc/Tasnames - Tasmanian Names Index: The Tasmanian Government has created a website that enables you to search for names of people living in Tasmania during much of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and provides information about those people. There are various categories, including convicts from 1803 to 1893. It often includes digitized records from the Tasmanian archives (some of which are difficult to read, due to the script and the resolution).

http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/ - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London's Central Criminal Court, 1674-1913: This website is a comprehensive listing of trial records for those brought before the London courts and includes those who were sentenced to "Transportation". Transportation to the colonies now known as Australia occurred between 1787 and 1857.

https://convictrecords.com.au/ - British Convict transportation registers 1787-1867: This resource provides information sourced from the British Convict transportation register, (British Home Office) and is hosted by the State Library of Queensland. It includes information on 123,000 convicts transported from the U.K. to the colonies (now known as Australia) from the late 18th to the mid-19th centuries, though the records are not an exhaustive list of those transported.

http://tiny.cc/PROVconvictregister - Public Records Office Victoria: The Public Records Office of Victoria has a "Register of Convicts 1842 to 1854", which includes convicts employed as servants in Victorian households from 1851. However, it is not an indexed file (so is not searchable), and you need to scroll through a 300 page document looking for a known name of a convict ancestor.

Genealogy Titles in our Collection

Search our online catalogue for titles available in our genealogy collection.

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