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Warm Winter Read

“Calling all early risers, morning motivators, lunchtime readers, after work relaxers, and bedtime snugglers - incorporate reading into your daily routine with the Warm Winter Read. Create healthy reading habits this winter by tracking your progress online via Beanstack or by collecting a paper tracker from your local library.


Start a book from your TBR pile, finish that book you put down months ago, or find something new while browsing the library shelves - the Warm Winter Read is waiting for you!


Want to participate?

Registration is now open!

Log each day you spend time reading, between Wednesday 1 June – Sunday 31 July, on the Beanstack Tracker app, via the Beanstack website (https://kingstonlibraries.beanstack.org/)

or on the Warm Winter Read postcard.

Check in with your local library for more information about the Warm Winter Read.


Suitable for ages 16+


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