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The Circular Advantage Program

The circular economy is not about recycling, nor is it about waste management. The circular economy is a new economic development paradigm that focuses on profitably optimising resource usage in order to reduce waste management costs and infuse more resilience into an economy.

Applied strategy in the circular economy guides companies in cost reduction and innovation around this resource optimisation lens. This is why nations and companies all around the world are enthusiastic about the circular economy; when planned properly, it produces enhanced corporate profits while also delivering more sustainable outcomes.

The Circular Advantage Program is a unique circular economy corporate strategy training program. The program is an 18-module online, applied executive education program that guides corporate leaders step by step through the development of circular economy strategies. It does this through leading edge content, dynamic collaborative learning models and an online platform that is perfect for busy professionals that want to acquire skills that are relevant for personal and organisational success.


Registrations are now open for the 2021 Circular Advantage Program!


Circular Advantage Experiences

Watch the following videos to hear about the experiences of McKinna, Meat Tender, and Simplot with the Circular Advantage Program.

McKinna - Circular Advantage Experience

Meat Tender - Circular Advantage Experience

Simplot - Circular Advantage Experience

Climate Change Emergency

Kingston council and other local governments have declared a climate change emergency and have now proposed an action plan targeted at business.

Industry and its operations are the biggest emitters of CO2 emissions in Kingston and the largest users of energy.

We have to change the way we do business if we are to have an effect on Climate Change and reach our Co2 reduction targets.