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#Kingstoniso Project

Capturing local experiences of COVID-19 for the Kingston Local History collection

You are invited to help us capture this unprecedented moment in history through the #Kingstoniso project. 

We are living through History. This is a once-in-a-century event that we would like to document for the future. 

Share your photographs, videos, writings or artwork that capture the images and experiences of the Kingston community during COVID-19 isolation.

Show us how you’re spending your time at home – you might be working, home schooling, taking up a new hobby, or connecting with family & friends online.

You can also capture scenes from around your neighbourhood as you exercise at the local park or head to the shops.

Let us share together our moments ­-­­ both the highs and the lows ­­- that capture this unique time in history. 

Together we can create a living history that can be shared for decades to come through the Kingston Local History collection. 

Simply share on your social media* using #Kingstoniso or email us direct at

*Please note if your social media profile is set to private we will not be able to see your entry, so please send via email.

How will your submission be used?

By sharing your original work (photos, video, audio and/or writing compositions) on social media using #KingstonIso you agree that:

You grant City of Kingston permission to republish your submission whether online, via social media or in Council publications.

The work is entirely your own and you have the right to grant permission for its use and reproduction.

Any media submitted using #Kingstoniso will be donated to the City of Kingston Local History Collection for preservation as a historical document. Once part of this collection it may be used for purposes such as but not limited to: publications related to the history of Kingston, historical exhibitions, historical research.

There will be no monetary compensation for this donation however attribution of you as the author or the work will be given.

You retain ownership of your work.

You give permission for representatives of the City of Kingston to contact you regarding your submission if more information or attribution details are required.

The City of Kingston appreciates your contribution to this important Community Project.