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Complaints to Council

Managing complaints is an important part of monitoring our services to the community. We treat all complaints seriously and strive to resolve issues promptly and courteously.

If you have lodged an enquiry with Council and feel we have not responded effectively to your concern within the agreed timeframe, please contact the Team Leader and/or Manager of the relevant department.

If you are still not satisfied that the issue has been resolved, you can contact our Issue Resolution Officer by phone on 1300 653 356.

Alternatively, put your enquiry in writing and send it to the Issue Resolution Officer, City of Kingston, PO Box 1000, Mentone 3194, or send an email to

The Issue Resolution Officer will contact you to acknowledge your complaint and will aim to respond within 10 working days. You may be contacted for extra details or to discuss progress of the complaint, particularly if there are problems responding to you within the 10 working days.

Please ensure that you provide all relevant facts in relation to your compaint and, where possible, include dates, times and contact names. If you have an email address and a mobile phone number, include these too.

We handle personal information in accordance with privacy laws and will use that information only for the purposes of handling the complaint, unless you give permission for it to be used for other Council purposes. 

Ombudsman Victoria

If we can't resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact Ombudsman Victoria on 9613 6222 (toll free 1800 806 314) or by email

There's a complaint form on the Ombudsman’s website, or you can ring the office to request one. Normally the Ombudsman will need you to try to resolve the issue with Council before approaching their office.

Services provided by the Ombudsman are free, however, the Ombudsman does not accept all complaints and may not investigate yours

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