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Holding an event in Kingston

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It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure attendees at any event abide by the current Victorian Government directions.

Kingston is home to a range of fantastic parks, open spaces and community halls that are available for you to use and enjoy. We actively encourage local and community events to be held on land owned or managed by Council.

Our Top Spots Quick Guide and detailed Event Guide are designed to help you decide on an appropriate location and assist you with organising your event.



The Top Spots Quick Guide provides an overview of the reserves and open space available in Kingston that may be suitable for your event.

Organising an event

Formal approvals may be needed to hold your event on Council owned or managed land, depending on the size of the gathering and the equipment needed on-site, and some events may incur a cost. Please see below for further information.

Council has developed a detailed Event Guide to assist event organisers with:

  • the Event Notification process
  • minimising impact on the local environment
  • compliance with all relevant laws and regulations

Notifying Council of your event

Depending on the type of event you plan to hold, you may need approval from Council or another relevant authority to hold your event on Council land in the City of Kingston. We do not reserve or book facilities in parks - they are available for all members of the community to use.

Yes, you do need approval from Council through the Events Notification process if: 

  • your event is a wedding
  • you intend on using temporary structures such as large marquees (other than a small pop-up marquee), bouncing castles, staging, large number of tables and chairs etc. 
  • your event is open to the wider public
  • your event is of a commercial sporting nature
  • more than 100 people in attendance 

If you are unsure whether this applies to your event and you would like to check there are any other large-scale events scheduled at the location on the same day, please contact the Events Team on 9581 4916. 

No, you do not need approval from Council if:

  • you are planning on meeting family or friends in one of our reserves and using the existing facilities, barbeques or seating areas
  • you are planning a small informal gathering, or have
  • less than 100 people in attendance

The Event Notification process is designed to help you conduct events safely, professionally and within the law and ensure that relevant approvals are granted. The Event Notification process does not offer or guarantee exclusive use of the area or reserve.

The form should be submitted to Council at least 20 business days in advance of the planned event. Large events and those involving the set-up of significant infrastructure may require additional processing time. If you are planning to hold an event sooner than this please call the Events team to discuss on 9581 4916.

To submit an application, you will need the following where applicable:

  • A detailed site map outlining where you plan to hold your event and place structures, jumping castles, bins, wedding arch, chairs etc. Should you require an editable map of the area please contact
  • Public liability insurance to cover your event e.g. business cover for your jumping castle or your wedding celebrant
  • An authority to fundraise letter from your nominated charity if you are donating proceeds from your event
  • A risk management plan if your event is medium to large scale
  • A traffic management plan if you are planning a large event, closing a car park or car spaces or parking toilets or food vendors in a public car park

Types of Event Notifications

Event organisers must ensure that the appropriate Event Notification Form is completed for the type of event planned.

Private Events

For events, celebrations and functions planned for a selected group of invitees such as families, friends or colleagues.

If you are using equipment such as marquees or providing children’s activities such as jumping castles, you will need to fill in the Private Event Notification Form for Council to approve the use of the extra equipment and the use of the space. This process ensures that all park users have safe, equal access to our reserves.

Private event notification application

Public / One Day Commercial Events

For events open to the wider public, such as community events, triathlons or small festivals.

If you would like to organise an event that is open to all members of the community, event organisers will need to complete a Public Event Notification Form. This will enable Council to approve the use of the reserve and to assist event organisers with relevant regulatory requirements. 

All commercial events will attract a fee of $1160 for primary sites or $580 for secondary sites. Fees include GST and are charges per day, including event set up and pack down.

Public/one day commercial event notification application


A permit is issued for all wedding ceremonies that take place on Council land.

If you wish to get married in a Council reserve or along the City of Kingston foreshore, a Wedding Event Notification Form must be completed. This form asks for information about preferred location and the date of the ceremony. In addition, all wedding ceremonies coordinated on Council land are required to have Public Liability Insurance which covers the ceremony. Proof of insurance must be supplied with the Wedding Event Notification Form.

All wedding notifications are added to an internal booking calendar – to assist event organisers with access to reserves. Following approval, a permit will be issued, this permit does not offer or guarantee exclusive use of the area or reserve. It is recommended that event organisers arrive early to secure their location.

The City of Kingston does not charge a fee for weddings 

Wedding event notification application

Commercial events longer than one day

Events that are of a commercial nature and running over more than more day should use the Commercial Event Notification Form

Further information

Frequently asked questions

Do I need formal approval or to let anyone know I am planning an event?

Approval may be required for private events, depending on the nature and scale. Large-scale events may require additional planning and documentation to be submitted.

Is my pop up marquee ok to use at the park?

Yes, as long as it is a small marquee brought from home and it is weighted not pegged. Large marquees from a hire company will require an application to be completed and a copy of the company public liability insurance to be uploaded.

Can I bring my portable barbecue to the park?

No, free barbecues are provided at many of our public parks for community use and are preferred for safety reasons Refer to our Top Spots Quick Guide for a list of parks with BBQs

Can I book a barbecue, picnic table or rotunda at the park?

No, the facilities in the park are for the whole community to use and we recommend you arrive early to secure your spot.

Is there power and water available at the park for my event?

There are regular drinking fountains at many of our parks in Kingston. Download our detailed guide to park amenities. For safety reasons tapping into the emergency electrical and water boxes at the park is not permitted.

Can I use petals or rice at my wedding ceremony?

Petals are the preferred option and should be cleaned up afterwards along with any other rubbish so the site is left clean and tidy as found.

Do I need a key to use public toilets?

Most toilet facilities in public parks are open during daylight hours. A key can be provided by contacting an Events Officer prior to your event, this can be collected during business hours and will require a deposit. For larger events e.g. 500 attendees the event organiser may need to consider hiring additional facilities.

Permits and Fees

If your event is produced by a commercial entity or for commercial gain it will incur a Commercial Use of Land Fee. Fees are charge per day including set up and pack down at the following rates (inc GST):

  • Primary sites - $1160
  • Secondary sites - $580

If your event is of a public or private nature, there are no fees.

The City of Kingston does not charge a fee for weddings. 

Responsible Events in Kingston

All Event Notifications should be completed with the following outcomes in mind:

  • Ensuring the safety of volunteers, participants, visitors, attendees and surrounding residents
  • Minimising the inconvenience to surrounding residences and businesses
  • Considering access issues for people with disabilities, older people or people with prams
  • Protecting parks, foreshores, reserves and areas of natural vegetation from damage
  • Being proactive in minimising the impact of noise on surrounding residents
  • Minimising the impact of pollution on the local environment
  • Complying with all relevant laws and regulations

Tobacco Legislation Reform

The Victorian Government passed the Tobacco Amendment Act 2016 in October 2016 which came into effect 1 August 2017.

To find out more, visit the State Government Site at

The major changes relating to public events are as follows:

  • Smoking is banned in all outdoor areas wherever food is being served, or available for consumption, across Victoria from 1 August 2017
  • Smoking at organised outdoor events is banned within 10 metres of a food stall or van
  • Outdoor drinking areas will continue to allow smoking as long as they are separated from outdoor dining areas, including neighbouring premises, by either a 4 metre buffer zone or a 2.1 metre wall, such as a plastic café blind
  • Smoking is banned at all of Kingston’s patrolled beaches within a 50 metre radius of the red and yellow flags

Alcohol Free Zones

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in designated public areas around Kingston. See prohibited areas. This is to regulate and control the consumption and possession of alcohol in public places to prevent anti-social behaviour that is detrimental or a nuisance to the community.

If you would like further information about running your community event, the Event Notification process or the ways Council can support your event, please contact the Events Team at or 9581 4916.