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Residential Zones


Kingston Council has taken an innovative and strategic approach to residential planning in Kingston that aims to balance accommodating required population growth while protecting quiet neighbourhood streets from medium to higher density development.

In 2013 Planning Zones in Victoria were reformed and new/amended zones approved by the Minister for Planning.  Councils were given 12 months to introduce the new zones into their Planning Schemes.

Following intensive consultation with our community, Kingston proposed a solution that would:

  • see the required population growth managed effectively in key activity centres (such as Cheltenham, Moorabbin, Mentone and Mordialloc), former industrial sites and along Nepean Highway
  • minimise medium to high-density development in quiet residential streets.

At the time the Victorian Government’s Advisory Committee Terms of Reference did not allow for the above solution to be recognised when considering the new residential zones – therefore Kingston’s proposed zones were not approved.

As a result, while some other local councils had the new planning zones adopted in the format requested, Kingston’s local planning zones essentially remained unchanged.

Several reviews of the new planning zones, of all the zones that allow residential development, and their implementation are now underway and Kingston Council is hopeful that its strategic approach will now be considered.

Kingston Council has made submissions to the:

Kingston Council is working to achieve a better fit for our local community and hope that these reviews will allow Kingston to progress with this innovative model to strategically manage population growth and development in our suburbs.

To view the Kingston Planning Scheme click here. 

Neighbourhood Character Study & Housing Strategy Review

Council resolved on 22 February 2016 to commence background work to inform a future review of its Housing Strategy and Neighbourhood Character Study.

This work is to be undertaken in parallel with the State Government’s review of the New Residential Zones through the recently appointed Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee (MRDAC).

The detailed scope and methodology for the Housing Strategy Update (2014) and Neighbourhood Character Study (2000) review will not be finalised until after the Managing Residential Development Advisory Committee’s report is released in June 2016.

This will ensure that the Committee’s recommendations can be used to inform the project scope and consultant brief.

This important strategic work will include a comprehensive review of housing development and neighbourhood character across the municipality.

  • The proposed review will provide a clean and comprehensive rationale for Kingston’s detailed approach to neighbourhood character and housing.
  • It will go beyond a simple neighbourhood character review to also provide the evidence and justification required to support a future Planning Scheme Amendment to consider changes to the way the residential zones are currently applied.
  • These projects will run in parallel with the MRDAC process reducing risk to Council with proceeding prior to the release of the Committee’s findings and ensure that Council is in the best possible position to move quickly once the outcomes of the MRDAC process are known.