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The City of Kingston has an ongoing commitment to provide a vibrant, safe and healthy environment for the local community.  Council encourages Builders, Tradesman, Property Owners and Developers to implement good practices and be mindful of the impact of their works on the local community to ensure they are undertaking the following:

  • Minimising the risk of injury to the public
  • Preventing stormwater pollution from building sites
  • Controlling nuisance around building sites
  • Protecting Council’s assets
  • Improving the construction quality of buildings
  • Providing guidance in complying with the relevant local laws and regulations
  • Provision of a list of permits that may be applicable for your construction works

Construction and development works can have far-reaching impacts on adjoining properties, pedestrians, traffic, neighbouring residents and businesses but also on the environment as a whole.  Issues such as construction noise, stormwater pollution, sediment control and dust from demolition sites can be inconvenient or dangerous to the neighbourhood and our environment.

Anyone building in our municipality should read through Council’s Building Public Safety guidelines and Getting it right on your building site prior to commencing construction in order to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements.

Construction Management Plans

Changes to services

As announced by the Victorian Government, Kingston City Council is now under Stage 4 restrictions with stronger rules to limit the movement of people and limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Whilst the supervision of construction sites associated with planning approvals will continue, the team’s capacity to inspect properties will be substantially limited.

In line with the State Government’s COVID Stage 4 restrictions, inspections are only limited to matters that pose a risk to human health and safety (private and public) and/or risk of immediate or significant damage to property

For any enquiries please contact the Officer on Duty on 9581 4962


The City of Kingston requires developers and builders to carefully manage excavation, demolition and building works in the municipality.

For the more complex and large scale sites Builders and developers may be asked at the Planning Permit stage to submit a Construction Management Plan (CMP) prior to construction commencement that takes into account all aspects of the proposed demolition or building works.   The Construction Management Plan Guidelines outline the issues to be managed onsite including:

Element 1: Public Safety, Amenity and Site Security

Element 2: Traffic Management

Element 3: Stakeholder Management

Element 4: Operating Hours, Noise and Vibration Controls

Element 5: Air Quality and Dust Management

Element 6: Stormwater and Sediment Control

Element 7: Waste and Materials Re-use

The guidelines were developed in 2015 in consultation with the building industry, community and Council.

Developments that have a Construction Management Plan (CMP) condition on their Planning Permit must not commence ANY works on site until they have submitted and had the following approved by Council:-

Please contact Council's Construction Liaison Officer on 1300 653 356 if you have any questions about Construction Management Plans.

What type of developments require Construction Management Plans (CMPs)?

CMPs are necessary to ensure construction, demolition and excavation sites (often referred to as ‘building sites’) do not adversely affect health, safety, amenity, traffic or the environment in the surrounding area.  Approved CMPs are a contract between the builder or developer and Council addressing the temporary site management controls that are relevant during building activity. The requirement to prepare a CMP may be specifically stated in the planning approval for a site, or otherwise required by Council depending on the presence of:

  • Demolition works resulting in a high risk to traffic, adjacent properties and pedestrians.
  • Basement excavations where groundwater is likely to be intercepted.
  • Where traffic management measures are required for a period of time Council may determine that a CMP should be provided due to the nature of the work or locality, or disruption to amenity. This may include defined ‘Activity Centres’ and areas of cultural and environmental sensitivity and amenity.
  • Council is obliged to manage these temporary site issues for the benefit of the wider community and chooses to do this through a CMP rather than the planning permit process.
  • The CMP allows for detailed construction information to be provided after the planning permit is issued, which is more compatible with detailed site project planning.

The triggers for requiring a Construction Management Plan (CMP) are as follows:-

  • Project value exceeds $2.0m
  • Location is within an activity centre
  • Greater or equal to 10 unit development
  • On a main road (Vic Roads)
  • Close proximity to Level Crossing
  • Using new construction technique / methodology
    • One way road
    • No standing zone in front of development
    • Limited options for construction vehicles to access the site
    • In close proximity to Schools, Childcare Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, etc
    • Many objections received throughout the Planning Permit Process

Note: The above is not exhaustive and Council reserves the right to intervene and require a CMP to be provided to satisfy its statutory obligation as local authority

Road Occupation & Works Permit 

For any roadworks on Council owned roads that may involve full or partial road closure and/or occupation, a Road Occupation & Works Permit is required.  This application covers Traffic Management Plans, Works Zones, shipping containers and other occupation of Council land that needs the approval of Council Traffic Engineers before road works can start. 

Completed Road Occupation & Works Permit applications can be either emailed to OR submitted at the Ground Level of City of Kingston Offices at 1230 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham.

Construction Working Hours 

Any private building works must comply with the current EPA Regulations (Environmental Protection Act 1970) and any proposed construction works outside these hours requires Council approval. Generally noise from tools and equipment used on residential building or demolition sites is permitted within the following times:

Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm

Saturdays             9am - 1pm

*No work permitted on Sundays or Public Holidays unless approvals granted by Council prior to the date

Sites that have a Construction Management Plan (CMP) approved by Council may be able to obtain approval from Council’s Planning Department to work outside the working hours nominated in the CMP for a one off request ie delivery of oversize equipment early in the morning to avoid Council road closures and truck bans.  Council may or may not approve the request which will depend on the reasons for the request.

Please refer to the ‘Out of Hours work request, Planning Guide & checklist for further information.

Activity Centre Streetscape Suite 

The Activity Centre Streetscape Suite will provide guidance on the use of a suite of design treatments and details throughout Activity Centres within the City of Kingston. The notes will be used by designers, developers, installers and contractors as a guide to design and install treatments.

The Activity Centre Streetscape Suite applies to the public domain in the major and neighbourhood Activity Centres and includes streets, lanes, squares, as well as building frontages and setbacks.

City of Kingston Construction Permits

There are various applicable Council permits required during or prior to the construction phase which can be relevant for the different stages of a development such as the demolition, excavation and construction phases.

Here is a list of Permits that may be required depending on the nature of the development:

Fact Sheets

Construction Related Legislation