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Property Services

Council land and facilities 

Kingston City Council owns and manages a diverse property portfolio, ranging from reserves, community hubs and halls, car parks and commercial enterprises.

We manage council land and facilities land according to our communities current and future needs. This includes managing the acquisition and sale of council land.

Tenants have a lease or licence with Council to manage the occupancy arrangement.

Leases and licences

Council recognises the significant contribution community based clubs and organisations provide to the community. The relationship with Council and its tenants is supported by leases and licences that:

  • Maximise community benefit
  • Protect the rights of tenants and Council
  • Are fair and provide equity and inclusion
  • Are simple and transparent

View Council's Lease and Licence Policy

View the Public Lease Register

Leases are used to grant the exclusive use of a property for a term in excess of 1 year and licences are used to grant a non-exclusive right to occupy a property for a term exceeding 1 year.

Council has three categories leases for the purposes of establishing the level of subsidy provided to determine the rental and maintenance regime:

  • Group 1 - Fully subsided - e.g .Kindergartens
  • Group 2 - Majority subsided - e.g. Sports Clubs
  • Group 3 - No subsidy - Commercial tenants
Capital works ‘approval in principle’

Tenants are required to submit any requests to undertake proposed building works to Council’s Property Services team. These requests should be at least 30 days in advance to allow enough time for the internal review process. This approval must be sought PRIOR to the works being undertaken. Council must also be consulted prior to the Tenant applying for any grants for capital improvements, fittings or fixtures.

Submit a Capital Work's approval in principle request

Temporary Sign Applications

Tenants are required to submit any requests to for temporary signage to Council’s Property Services team.

Submit a Temporary Signage request

Commercial use of Council Land

See Council's Commercial Use of Council Land Policy. This is a framework for Council's consideration of proposals for commercial activities on beaches, parks and other Council-owned or controlled land, and to provide for the appropriate regulation of these activities.

Boatshed & Bathing Boxes

There are 190 Boatsheds and bathing boxes on the foreshore reserve for which Council is the Committee of Management appointed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

More on Boatshed & Bathing Box Permits


Fences abutting Council owned properties

Council will contribute toward half the cost of construction, replacement or repair of a standard fence that abuts a Council owned property in accordance with the Fences Act 1968. Find out more about Fencing or apply online using the Fencing Application form.