Dingley Village Library

Dingley Village Library Nestled behind the shopping strip, Dingley Village Library has modern flexible working spaces with printing and free Wi-Fi. Sit on the deck under the trees with a book or visit on the third Saturday of the month to enjoy the local farmers market activities.


31C Marcus Road, Dingley Village 3172  View Map

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Summer opening hours

Mon 18 Dec - Sun 24 Dec

Mon 18 Dec: 9am - 12pm
Tue 19 Dec: Closed
Wed 20 Dec: 2pm - 5pm
Thu 21 Dec: 9am - 12pm
Fri 22 Dec: Closed
Sat 23 Dec: Closed
Sat 24 Dec: Closed

Mon 25 Dec - Sun 31 Dec

Mon 25 Dec: Closed
Tue 26 Dec: Closed
Wed 27 Dec: Closed
Thu 28 Dec: Closed
Fri 29 Dec: Closed
Sat 30 Dec: Closed
Sat 31 Dec: Closed

Mon 1 Dec - Sun 7 Jan

Mon 1 Dec: Closed
Tue 2 Dec: Closed
Wed 3 Dec: Closed
Thu 4 Dec: Closed
Fri 5 Dec: Closed
Sat 6 Dec: Closed
Sun 7 Jan: Closed

Mon 8 Jan - Sun 14 Jan

Mon 8 Jan: Closed
Tue 9 Jan: Closed
Wed 10 Jan: Closed
Thu 11 Jan: Closed
Fri 12 Jan: Closed
Sat 13 Jan: Closed
Sun 14 Jan: Closed


General information

Public transport

You can travel to Dingley Village Library by bus.


811/812: Dandenong – Brighton via Heatherton Road & Springvale

828: Hampton – Berwick Station via Southland Shopping Centre and Dandenong

Get public transport directions via Google Maps.


The main car park at Dingley Village Library and Community Centre has 7 all-day parking spaces. Access from Marcus Road. These spaces are available every day except on market day (the 3rd Saturday of the month).

Street parking is also available on Marcus Road and along the football club driveway on the southern side of the library.

Disabled Parking/Accessible Parking

An accessible parking space is available near the Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre.

Return chute

Returns can be made to Dingley Village Library anytime of the day using the external returns chute located to the left of the library entrance.

Social Story

Kingston Libraries – Going to the library(PDF, 3MB) is a story to help people get ready to visit the library. This story is for people of all ages. It shows the steps to visiting the library, and what to expect when you are there.

For your health and safety, please note the following....

To enter a Kingston Libraries building you must:

  • Comply with current Chief Health Officer directions
  • Comply with all State / Federal Government restrictions, directions and mandates
  • Behave in a manner which is not boisterous or harmful, or which interferes with the quiet enjoyment of any person
  • Act in any way that does not endanger any person
  • Refrain from using indecent, insulting, offensive or abusive language
  • Respect Council property
  • Follow staff direction and signage at all times
  • Deposit litter in the bins provided
  • Not obstruct, hinder or interfere with any member of Council staff in the performance of their duties.

No hawkers.