Story Lines writing competition winners

Published on 27 October 2023

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The judging is in for the Story Lines Competition 2023. Drum roll please...

5 to 7 Years Age Group

Winner: Neev M.
The Mole in the Hole(PDF, 66KB)

Second place: George K.
Holidays(PDF, 67KB)

Third place: Eve T.
The Poison Tea(PDF, 65KB)

8 to 10 Years Age Group

Winner: Amelia R.
Catworth College-The Golden Treat(PDF, 73KB)

Second place: Yalena Z.
The Fiery Dragons(PDF, 73KB)

Third place: Alexander N.
The Ride to the Lostlands(PDF, 72KB)

11 to 13 Years Age Group

Winner: Cameron B.
The Princess Strikes Back(PDF, 85KB)

Second place: Vandana R.
Imperfections(PDF, 72KB)

Third place: Joy H.
What Was Behind the Door(PDF, 104KB)

14 to 16 Years Age Group

Winner: Lucy R.
Light My Way(PDF, 71KB)

Second place: Jacinta L.
Past Lives(PDF, 72KB)

Third place: Lachlan H.
Dave the Dictator(PDF, 70KB)

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