Kingston write now

Kingston write now is a writing interest group on Facebook for writers of all levels.  It provides:

  • a place to discuss writing issues, from poetry to paragraphs, novels to nonsense verse
  • weekly posts with writing prompts and challenges
  • information about forthcoming writing-related events

Kingston write now may have adult themes and so this group is aimed at a mature audience.

To join our private Facebook group

Step 1.Find our group

Visit our Kingston write now Facebook group.

Step 2.Join the group

Click the Join Group button to request access.

Step 3.Login to Facebook

Login to Facebook (if you're not already signed in) or create an account if you don't have one.

Step 4.Wait for your request to be approved

Once you have requested to join the group, a library staff member will review and approve your request.

Kingston write now is moderated by Kingston Libraries staff. Rules for being a member are simple:

  • please keep the tone of the conversation respectful and the language family-friendly
  • read and abide by the group's code of conduct (see below)
  • Kingston Libraries reserves the right to bar anyone who doesn't adhere to these guidelines.

Please be aware that if you post your work you accept that it will be shared with the rest of the group.

Community-contributed content represents the views of the user, not those of Kingston Libraries.

Kingston write now is a place for writers to help each other improve on their works of art. To do that, we have to be able to trust one another and give honest feedback. We also need to agree to keep all work inside the group.

1. Feedback

When giving feedback be kind – if you think something could be done differently, suggest another outcome. Do not give a negative comment because you don’t like it. This will help make the piece stronger and clearer. If you think the author would benefit from writing the piece from a different point of view or cutting a section out then suggest this. In other words, make your feedback specific. Identify weaknesses in the work and strategies to overcome them. Clarify your feeling towards what works and what doesn’t. Show and not tell! This is a great way to enhance the author’s piece.

Remember: it’s your choice whether or not you accept the feedback you receive.

2. No Negativity

Do not post hostile, rude or obscene comments, or give negative remarks about one’s work. Do not engage in fights with other members.

3. No Promoting

Do not promote your blog, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, podcast or try to sell any of your books. Any links to these social media accounts will be deleted. There is nothing wrong with announcing your latest publication but our focus is to critique and improve writing.

4. Warnings

Always include a warning regarding the type of topics you are writing about. For example, please note any – rape, abuse, sexual content, violence, mental issues, or any other trigger topics. Include this warning at the beginning of your post.

5. Privacy

What is shared in this group should stay in this group unless the author has given you permission to do so otherwise. All original pieces of work uploaded are protected under the Copyright Act. See the Australian Copyright Council website for information on Writers & Copyright.

6. No religion, politics or social issues

There will be no debates regarding these issues. However, we welcome questions about these topics if they pertain to writing.

7. No erotic or R rated content

Please be careful in what you post, any erotica or R rated content will be removed from our page. If you are unsure what this entails please feel free to PM an admin or moderator and we will assist you.

8. No glorification

Do not post anything that encourages violence or hatred towards: race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Do not post anything that encourages others to self-harm. Do not glorify or embrace: suicide and eating disorders. If there is any issues with someone breaking the code, please discuss it with them first – if things escalate then do not hesitate to contact us and we will take appropriate action.