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Public Internet Usage Policy

Public Internet Usage Policy, Guidelines and Procedures   

Revised May 2011


The Kingston Information and Library Service is committed to a policy of information equity for our community. As part of this commitment the library provides and maintains public Internet PCs at all library sites as well as a public wireless network at most sites. Any breach of this policy will result in library services suspended or withdrawn.


This policy applies to all users of Kingston Information and Library Service computers and networks.


 Users may find materials that are unreliable, personally offensive or illegal under Australian law. The Library does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the accuracy of information obtained through the Internet.
 As a product of its international character there is no external monitoring of the Internet. Council cannot police global networks and each individual user must take responsibility for their own activities on the Internet and for the activities of their children.
 It remains the responsibility of the user (or parent, guardian or care giver) to determine what is appropriate and they should supervise their children’s internet sessions.
 All material accessed must be appropriate to a public access area.
 Council reserves the right to implement software and hardware control mechanisms to block information the library has determined inconsistent with its mission.
 Council assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of its database server or from its connection to other Internet services.
 Use of the Library’s public terminals and wireless networks are subject to the conditions outlined in the Library’s “Public Internet Usage Policy” and the “Public Internet Guidelines and Procedures”.
 Council does not provide support to configure your equipment for wireless access. For further assistance refer to your user manual or contact your hardware or software provider.
 Council cannot be responsible for any changes that you make to your computer’s settings to access the library’s wireless network and recommends that you make a note of any settings before you change them.
 Information wirelessly sent to and from your laptop/notebook may be captured by someone else with a wireless device. Please keep this in mind when accessing personal or business information.
 When accessing the library’s wireless network, anti-virus, security and privacy of information is the responsibility of the laptop/notebook/device owner.

It is unacceptable to use the library’s public terminals and wireless networks for any of the following:

 Violating applicable Australian or Victorian laws, e.g Copyright Act 1968.
 Violating computer system or network integrity, including attempts to bypass network security functions, obtain passwords or alter the configurations of library workstations or systems in any way.
 Committing illegal activity.
 Harassing others.
 Wasting finite resources (including printing without paying).

Adopted by Council 18 June 2007. Revised May 2011.
Revised May 2011

The Library Public Internet Guidelines and Procedures are designed to allow equitable access to the Internet by as many library users as possible. All patrons wishing to use the public Internet PCs or the public wireless (WiFi) service within the Kingston Information and Library Service must comply with these guidelines.

Any registered patrons who has not had their membership suspended, is eligible to book time on and use a public Internet PC or the WiFi network. An Internet authorised borrower card must be presented before the borrower can use any library PC.

All material accessed must be appropriate to a public access site. Non-compliance will result in the suspension of library access rights.


 Internet access is restricted to current library patrons with appropriate access rights.
 Bookings are required and may be made up to one week ahead.
 Bookings start on the hour and are of varying length.
 The Library employs PC reservation and management software that restricts access only to borrowers with a valid booking.
 Internet terminals will automatically end a borrower’s session at the conclusion of the booking designated time.
 It is the responsibility of the patron to observe a booking’s remaining time and to save/print off required documents before the session ends.
 Bookings may be restricted to one booking per card per day. Patrons may have one future booking at any time up to one week ahead.
 Bookings will become invalid and be reallocated if a patron does not claim the booking within 15 minutes of the booked hour.
 If a terminal becomes vacant with no booking for the subsequent hour, the current patron may continue to use a PC by confirming with a staff member who can extend the session. This is counted as a new booking by the patron.
 If a member of the public has already had a booking on the same day, they may be required to relinquish the PC to another patron, upon request by a library staff member.
 Should part of a patron’s booking time be lost due to technical problems, the patron will still be obliged to vacate the terminal at the end of the their booking for the next person
 Printing facilities are available at a cost. Patrons must abide by Copyright Laws when printing and distributing materials from the Internet.
 Bookings are not transferable.


 Wireless (WiFi) access is restricted to current library members with appropriate access rights
 Bookings are required to access the WiFi
 There is no time limit when making a booking.
 Bookings are not transferable.
 Only one booking can be made with a patron’s card.


Every endeavour will be made to provide reasonable Internet access for all patrons with bookings, however the Library reserves the right to cancel a booking should it be necessary to do so.

The Library accepts no responsibility for data integrity transferred using library software or hardware.

Adopted by Council 18 June 2007. Revised May 2011.